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Quality. Experience. Partnership.


Quality. Experience. Partnership.

Committed to providing comprehensive medical services to correctional facilities.


Welcome to Qualis Group

Qualis Group provides the highest quality healthcare services to jails, prisons, and other correctional facilities. We enable correctional facilities to concentrate on their core mission while letting us handle medical care.

Our only business is correctional health care. This focus on correctional medicine and the environment in which it is provided enables our staff to design a quality program specific to the needs of your facility.

Our approach combines an experienced team of correctional healthcare professionals with fresh and innovative attitudes. Qualis’ delivery of healthcare meets and adapts to the rapidly changing demands of the 21st century, including the current opioid crisis which has been so devastating for so many communities and has greatly affected county jails throughout the country. We can design a program tailor-made to the needs of your facility.



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Areas of Practice


Qualis Group is led by a team of professionals with nearly 75 years of combined experience specializing in the correctional healthcare environment. We provide a broad spectrum of services to correctional facilities of all sizes. Qualis implements and monitors all phases of a facility’s healthcare delivery program, including medical record keeping, staffing, utilization management, accreditation, quality improvement and establishing provider networks.



Mental health and behavioral issues, including addiction, affect a significant percentage of inmate populations. Qualis Group offers specialized programs to address these specific correctional medical needs.



Qualis Group provides a full range of medical services to all varieties of correctional facilities, including juvenile centers. We understand that jails and prisons work with a vulnerable population and that supplying healthcare services in this environment has unique challenges yet also must be done in a dignified way. Qualis employs dedicated, professional medical staff to ensure our correctional partners receive the best outcomes for their patients and facilities. We manage your medical operations with a focus on responsive management, risk reduction and maximal on-site care.



Qualis Group has experience offering levels of care that go beyond the standard intake screenings and health assessments. Our medical providers have refined programs to address infectious disease, dialysis, emergent medical conditions, wound care and other chronic health conditions.



Qualis Group has established relationships with dental professional corporations. This allows us to provide turnkey healthcare solutions to correctional facilities. Qualis Group knows that primary healthcare is only one component of medical service requirements and accordingly offers a wide range of dental services that can be performed on-site.



A full-spectrum healthcare delivery program is incomplete without pharmacy and lab services. Qualis Group partners with top providers to ensure cost-effectiveness is achieved with no gaps in prescription needs, x-ray services, testing requirements and other supplemental medical services.


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